Referrals from clients

Referrals and experience reports

Up to now everything sounded nice and good, but you are still unsure about the PTs and small group trainings?

Here you can let yourself be convinced by the experience reports of customers to take the next step, which will then lead you on a new path to success.

"The small group training/Semi-PT combines the classic group training with some components from the personal training. You can feel the advantages of both areas. Several participants train together at their individually developed goals.
The big challenge for the trainer, however, is to use his focus even more purposefully in order to do justice to each client individually. In my opinion, he masters this with flying colours." - Client S.R.

"Do you want to finally achieve a set goal in training? Then sik-training and the brilliant coach Mladen are the right choice for you. Thanks to his commitment as a coach, I was able to complete varied training sessions that were exactly tailored to my needs. In a short period of time, a pleasing result was achieved, which motivated me even more to continue. Thank you coach for your super support! - Client N.R.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mladen since mid-2015. During this time we have completed different programs with different focuses. The cooperation covered a broad spectrum, from season preparation for American football, to programs that took injuries into consideration, to more intensive strength-building programs.
Throughout this time, Mladen has been a competent, motivating and reliable coach. This ranged from tips for exercise execution (via video recordings) to adjustments for injuries, illness or increased stress. The results in terms of strength and body shape have always spoken for themselves. Accordingly, I can recommend Mladen with a clear conscience." - Client L.K.

"The small group training/Semi-PT was intense and instructive. Through targeted exercises under the supervision of Mladen, I achieved my set goal. Mladen is an extremely competent and attentive coach: based on his specific knowledge and experience he was able to successfully accompany me during this time. I can recommend the training program to anyone who wants to work specifically on their weak points and reach their goal within the shortest possible time." - Client V.N.