Philosophy of SIK-TRAINING


Resilience (materials science):

"The ability of buildings and infrastructure to absorb assaults without suffering complete failure."

The goal of SIK-TRAINING is to provide a training system that minimizes the probability of injury inside and outside the gym, by means of combining traditional resistance exercise regimes with improvement of movement restrictions/mobility.

In order to accomplish this task successfully, SIK-TRAINING aims to incorporate the newest findings of the cutting edge research and offer clients a network of highly skilled therapists, so that all bases for injury prevention are covered.


Whether someone wants to run faster, jump higher or gain muscle, the development of ones capacity to produce more force becomes of paramount importance and therefore represents a major objective of training.

With regards to running faster, one needs to exert greater amount of force onto the ground in order to cover more distance with each stride, which in turn results in a faster running time.

For someone else that aims to become more muscular, a greater level of strength has to be developed in order to lift a greater amount of weight that would cause a greater amount of gain in muscular size.

Furthermore, the greater the capacity to produce and absorb forces, the smaller the risk for suffering an injury becomes.


Whether the goal is to increase performance in the gym or at work, the basic idea of ​​SIK-TRAINING is to achieve the goal as efficiently as possible, so that the rest of the time can be better spent for family and friends.

In order to optimize the physical and mental performance of the body, a well-founded knowledge base in the scientific and medical fields is indispensable. In addition to that, the exact, scientific approach is a fundamental requirement for continuous progress and achievement of ones goals in- and outside the gym.