Ever since my early youth I was drawn to the idea of how training and nutrition could alter body composition and enable improvements in physical performance.

Soon after my interest sparked, I started engaging myself in a variety of sports in particular karate and basketball.

During this time I discovered strength training and its potential to drastically improve body composition and performance. The close relationship between training and nutrition with regards to performance optimization and its scientific background have caught my interest ever since.

Within a few years I had acquired a level of knowledge, that eventually enabled me to win my first national powerlifting competition at the age of 23.

In order to satisfy my thirst for knowledge of the human body I started studying health sciences and technologies at the ETH Zurich in September 2014. In addition to that I have been attending training and nutrition seminars held by world renowned athletes and coaches to further bridge the gap between theory and experience.

My goal is to offer you an individualised training and nutrition plan that is based on scientific theory, my personal experience and moreover on the experience of renowned coaches.

Furthermore I would like to enable you to attain and more importantly to maintain a healthy and high-preformance body for as long as possible.

Continuous improvement. Physically as well as mentally.

Day in, day out.

Strength Is Key